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Par 5,493 yard – 15 Handicap, Because of the openness. The first hole is straight and drops downhill to reveal a green with very little room behind the green. The greenside bunker on the right side will keep you opting for a shot to the left.

Par 5, 512 yards –13 Handicap, This is the longest part 5 on the course. Any shot to the right or left will miss the green and fall into bunkers, but you can still chip up onto the green. Hit the ball long and straight. There are trees to block the wind, which at times can dramatically affect your shot. Bunker to the left and right.

Par 5, 512 yards –13 Handicap, This is the longest part 5 on the course. Any shot to the right or left will miss the green and fall into bunkers, but you can still chip up onto the green. Hit the ball long and straight. There are trees to block the wind, which at times can dramatically affect your shot. Bunker to the left and right.

Par 4, 307 yards – 9 Handicap, This is a dogleg left, short par 4. Your drive over the ridge to a semi-blind landing area sets up a short iron second shot to a green, guarded on the front right by a deep bunker. Err on the short side on your approach as long approaches will get you in trouble.

Par 4, 319 yards – 11 Handicap, This medium length hole is very tight. It’s framed by large Redwoods on the right and left side of the fairways. The second shot is tricky – you must guard against bunkers located on the front right of the green. Miss short and don’t go too far right or the street will leave you with a very difficult shot.

Par 3, 137 yards – 17 Handicap, By far Baywoods most iconic par 3. An Elevated tee shot that has to carry over the pond. With towering redwoods to the left and right, navigating to a wide flat green can be a treat. Beware the false front. Many short tee shots fall victim to rolling back down into the water.

Par 4, 370 yards – 5 Handicap, With water on the left, stretching almost the entire length of the fairway, Hole 6 is medium length par 4 with a wide fairway. Reachable in 2 shots, the sharpshooter players are rewarded because of the bunkers located on both the left and right of the green entrance. A large and steep green, overshots, result in long downhill putts that can be tricky to connect with.

Par 4, 383 yards – 1 Handicap, Hole 7 is one of Baywoods trickiest holes. With your second shot leading to a long, uphill trek to the green. Then green is a long and narrow with a subtle downhill play to hit. 7 is a hole that if taken advantage of carry you through to a good round.

Par 3, 202 yards – 17 Handicap Long, tough Par 3 with a false front and bunkers fronting both sides, two putting is no easy task.

Par 4, 382 yards – 7 Handicap, Here is a blind tee shot over a hill, so you can’t see the ball land. The fairway is guarded on the left and right by tees. With a wide Fairway, the second shot leaves a downhill about 195 yards to a green surrounded. I feel this hole captures what golf in the Northwest should be.

Par 4, 327 yards – 8 Handicap, This is my favorite hole. This fairway doglegs to the left. Hit your driver from Right to left, which is reachable, but guarded by a giant redwood. Or, take the safer route, from the elevated tee, on the right side with a 3 wood or long iron, then it’s a middle iron shot down to the green. The green has bunkers guarding the left and back side of one of the touchiest greens at Baywood.

Par 4, 445 yards – 4 Handicap, From the get-go, hole 11 appears impossibly far away. A tee shot from an elevated spot, leading downhill for all 445 to the green is a task. The fairways appear extremely narrow simply because of the rows of redwoods that line the left and right of the fairway. Once your ball is on the fairway, hit a 3 wood second shot to the nastiest green at Baywood. If You can get it there, this green is surrounded by bunkers and false edges. Hit the ball too far left it will roll off. The same goes for too far to the back right. And if you miss the green you will end up one of the 3 bunkers. The fun doesn’t stop there. With the hardest green to read on the course, hole 11 will make or break rounds.

Par 3, 159 yards – 14 Handicap, This is a spectacular “risk/reward” hole with wetlands on the left side of the fairway. In the summer, hit with a 3 wood or long iron. In the winter, go with a driver. Stay to the right side to get the best approach shot. The green has a lot of movement with a bunker on the right side.

Par 4, 334 yards – 12 Handicap, This par 4 can be tricky to navigate. Players will want to take their drives to the left over the hill instead of playing it right. Which leads to a nice easy approach shot. If you do choose to go the shorter route on the right. A bungle of redwoods will block your path to the green and at the same time tempt you with small glimpses of the green. A large green with a bunker on the left, has a slight slope to it that is very puttable and plays true.

Par 5, 483 yards – 6 Handicap, Hole 14 is a beautiful narrow par 5. Which what feels like a tunnel of redwoods, Hole 14 is a long hole. Play your tee shot straight and true. A small bunker on the right side is a ball vacuum. From your second shot, play a long 3 wood to approach the green. That green being engulfed in alternating bunkers and redwoods. With this “cubby” feel to the green, it truly overwhelms the players with the essence of being in the redwoods.

Par 3, 200 yards – 10 Handicap, Hole 15 is a wide open par 3 which can lead to some very exciting shots. Flat and open, a long iron or hybrid will give players some exciting runs to a wide green and plenty of birdies. With views of redwoods in the back and a friendly wide green, hole 15 is a treat.

Par 5, 447 yards – 18 Handicap, My favorite tee shot on the whole course. Hole 16 allows you to have your ball get shot out of a redwood alley. Giant redwood line 16’s tee box leading to a long rolling par 5. Beware the large cluster of bunkers off the tee. If played right, your second shot is a manageable long iron or 3 wood. Landing on this green is trick due to the bunkers on the left and right and its long and narrow set-up.

Par 4, 267 yards – 16 Handicap, 17 is a truly fun hole. This dogleg right can play tricks with you off the tee. With the back end of the fairway having a wall of redwoods, player should take a 3 wood or long iron to not smash their ball into the tries. Once around the bend players will approach the funkiest green at Baywood. This skinny, bumpy, crazy green has a right side bunker that extends the whole length of the green. With a little skill and a lotta luck, Players will have to take on a truly unique green.

Par 4, 398 yards – 2 Handicap, This is the toughest hole to birdie at all of baywood. This finishing hole plays into a panoramic view of the clubhouse. The Long dogleg right has a wide fairway to start of with. The second shot is intimidating. A ravine runs across the fairway about 40 yards before the green, leading to a steep uphill climb to a two tiered sloped green. It forces players to decide if they can get it all the way to the top or just layup short of the ravine. Regardless of what they decide, playing this steep two tiered green has sent many balls back down the hill and into the ravine. A true test of your skills, hole 18 is the perfect way to end your Baywood experience.

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